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Our Story 

Buzz Athletics is a small, woman owned business by the Flynn family. The Company is based out of North Carolina and our Team brings over than 50 years of experience in knowledge, product insight and dedication to various sports. 


"Buzz" aka "Chris Flynn" is the owner of Buzz Athletics and the purpose and mission for the Company is important for our Community to understand. There is a background meaning and purpose for why we decided to continue the legacy of Buzz's personal dreams to come to life. In 2019, the concept of generating a business and forming a unique softball community really started coming to life. A turning point in how we viewed life took place on July 15, 2019, when Chris was stung by a yellow jacket on his main neck artery, while driving his two young kids to daycare. Within 10 minutes of the sting and as soon as he arrived at daycare, he lost consciousness and flat lined for a period of time. The wonderful EMS crew were able to revive him on their last attempt. We will forever be grateful to all first responders, medical personnel and those who have served our Country. 


We are honored to have everyone along for this ride. We greatly appreciate your support and positivity as we continue to transform youth and adult teams with long lasting, confidence boosting and stand out designs to promote local sponsors for various sports groups throughout the Country. 

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